Tools and Resources

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These are all resources we use in our business every single day!
**Contains affiliate links**

Themes and Plugins

Divi Theme
We primarily use the Divi theme to build our client websites. It’s one of the industry leaders and is one of the more reliable page builders out there. It’s also easy for clients to use themselves!

Gravity Forms
Hands down THE BEST form builder that exists on planet Earth. We won’t use anything else.


Josh Hall Co.- Community and Courses for Web Designers
I CANNOT RECOMMEND JOSH HALL ENOUGH. If you’re a web designer, whether you’re brand new or need help scaling, his courses are for you!!

YNAB stands for “You Need a Budget”. Everyone needs a personal budget, but if you run a business, you need a business budget too! As opposed to accounting software, this budgeting app tells your dollars where to go, so you can see at a glance how much money your business has available for certain things. I couldn’t run my business without it!!

Wave Apps
We’ve used Wave for accounting software the whole time we’ve been in business. It’s free, and it’s never let me down. Highly recommend!!

Anytime Mailbox
We use a digital mailbox for clients to send checks and other things, because we don’t like giving out our home address! Mail forwarding is cheap, only $2 each.



A way to manage WordPress websites. Load all your websites into your account and remotely keep track of them!

TinyPNG is a tool that reduces the file size of JPG, PNG, and WEBP files. It won’t reduce the quality of the images, and it’s fast and free!

The industry standard for photo editing.

Domains & Hosting

The only domain registrar we use! They’re the cheapest around, and they include domain protection for free, which is an absolute must.

Our web host for as long as we’ve been in business! They are one of the best, boasting 99.9% uptime and fantastic support. Huge fan!!

WP Engine
The best “managed” WordPress host around. Never worry about keeping up with your WordPress site again. Save $120 with our link!


Our favorite project management software. It has everything we need as a team and stores our files and documents so that we can find them easily. It also tracks our time, so we’re accurate in our billing, and it tells us when a project is nearing the budget.

A client/business management platform that we use for appointment scheduling, lead management/pipeline overview, contracts, proposals, etc.

Passion Planner
Only the best planner ever created. Different layouts to choose from, all with the same idea: plan your passions. Set yearly goals and break them down into monthly and daily tasks and watch your dreams come true. Seriously love this planner!

Google Workspace
Google is the only choice for work email. Period. We would never recommend anything else! We use Gmail, Drive, Sheets, Docs, etc. and couldn’t run our business without it.

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We love Slack and use it to communicate amongst ourselves. It’s an app for messaging and other shenanigans.