6 Things To Include In Your Website Footer

by | May 31, 2024 | Tips

Must-Haves for Your Travel Advisor Website Footer

Your website is your digital storefront, and every bit of it counts. One part that often gets overlooked is the footer. Don’t underestimate it—your footer can be a game-changer for user experience and client engagement. Here’s what you need to include in your footer to make it awesome AND functional.

  1. Contact Information
    Make it super easy for visitors to get in touch. Your website footer is the perfect spot for your address, phone number, and email. Think of it as your digital business card. If someone wants to book a trip or has questions, they shouldn’t have to dig around to find you.

    – Keep your info updated.
    – Make phone numbers and emails clickable, especially for mobile users.
    – Maybe add a link to a contact form for detailed inquiries.
  2. Social Media Links
    Your potential clients are all over social media, so make sure they can find you there too. Add links to your social media profiles—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, you name it. This helps you stay connected and keeps them updated on your latest deals and travel tips.

    – Use familiar icons for each platform.
    – Have links open in a new tab so visitors stay on your site.
    – Keep your social media profiles active with fresh content.
  3. Newsletter Signup
    Want to keep your clients in the loop with your latest offers and travel news? A newsletter is the way to go. Include a simple signup form in your website footer so visitors can easily subscribe. Building an email list is a fantastic way to stay connected with your audience.

    – Keep the signup form simple—just ask for the essentials like name and email.
    – Highlight what subscribers will get, like exclusive deals or insider travel tips.
    – Ensure your form is GDPR compliant by including a link to your privacy policy. (Check out our privacy policy here!)
  4. Legal Information and Policies
    In today’s world, being transparent about how you handle data is crucial. Including links to your privacy policy, terms and conditions, and cookie policy in the website footer helps build trust with your visitors. Plus, it shows you’re on top of the legal stuff, which is always a good thing.

    – Keep the language in your policies clear and straightforward.
    – Make these links easy to find without being intrusive.
    – Regularly update your policies to stay compliant with current regulations.
    – Check out Termageddon for done-for-you policies! Just fill out your website information, embed the policy on your website, and it will stay updated automatically when privacy laws change. In every state, and every country! Click here or enter “PINECOAST” at checkout to get 10% off your first year with Termageddon.
  5. Quick Links to Important Pages
    Help visitors navigate your site easily by including quick links to key pages like About Us, Services, Blog, and FAQs. This makes it simple for them to find the info they need.

    – Organize the links logically and use clear labels.
    – Use a multi-column layout if you have lots of links.
    – Highlight important or frequently visited pages.
  6. Testimonials and Reviews
    Showcasing positive testimonials and reviews in your footer can build trust with potential clients. Highlighting happy customer experiences can help persuade new visitors to choose your services.

    – Pick a few standout testimonials or reviews.
    – Use a rotating carousel to display multiple reviews without taking up too much space.
    – Include a link to a full testimonials or reviews page for more detailed feedback.

So, there you have it! A killer footer is more than just an afterthought. By adding your contact info, social media links, a newsletter signup, legal info, quick links, and testimonials, you can create a footer that’s not only helpful but also boosts your business. Spend a little time sprucing it up, and you’ll see happier visitors and more bookings.

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